Residents prevent junk yard expansion near Unity Park

Roughly a dozen Unity Park residents turned out to a public hearing on November 19 to express their disapproval of a proposal to expand the junk yard facility on Turk St, just south of Osmun. Neighbors along Osmun and Elm gave thoughtful and passionate accounts of the negative impacts and violations committed by the Junk Yard, GLE Scrap. Representatives from local nonprofit organizations Habitat for Humanity, Lighthouse of Oakland County, and Community Housing Network all spoke in opposition to the expansion. After hearing from all parties, the Zoning Board of Appeals voted unanimously in favor of the residents of Unity Park and were very impressed by the organization and cohesion of neighbors. Thank you to everyone who came out to protect the neighborhood!

At the hearing, the zoning board encouraged residents to report any violations that the junk yard may be committing. Report any violations to the Department of Building and Safety:



47450 Woodward Ave
Pontiac MI 48342

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