Safety alert text message group

I just set up a very simple group text messaging list for sharing community safety alerts in the neighborhood. The way it works is once you are on the list, if you send a text message to the group’s number you will instantly message all other members of the group. You’ll also receive texts from all other members you send a message to the group. The service is called GroupMe and it works with any phone that does basic text messaging. If people are interested, we can come up with usage guidelines to make sure everybody stays on task for the Unity Park Safety Group. This program can be used for any purpose. Some examples for usage might be childcare providers, carpool groups or any type of club. If you have a business with irregular hours, consider this tool to let your customers know when you are available.

If you’d like to be on the Unity Park Safety text message group, please respond to me at with your name and phone number and I will add you to the group. You’ll receive a text message from a phone number that you can add to your contacts as Unity Park Safety Alerts (or something similar so you’ll remember what it is).

Text groups like this have been formed in Detroit neighborhoods to update residents about area crime and emergencies. The key to success for these groups is for enough people to participate in the group. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Patrick Taylor at 248-824-7391.

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